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Thermologger is an intuitive, discreet fever screener. Its infrared thermometer captures and logs temperatures with the scan of a wrist.



Thermologger is an infrared thermometer that is able to capture the body temperature of a person, without contact, by scanning  the wrist. Combine it with an NFC Chip, so every employee is scanned at the beginning, during and at the end of each shift. 

It gives a green light and a voice greeting if the temperature is healthy, and it can be programmed to open or close relays such as doors or external lighting.

It also has an HDMI output to connect a monitor and visually indicate the steps for use. Temperature readings and greeting messages can also be customized through the monitor. 

The easy to use managing software keeps track of every employee's temperature at every scan, and is able to export data every day, or real-time with each employee 's reading -- including the date and time when the reading was performed.  At a specific  threshold the Thermologger can send an email alarm to the administrator if a temperature reading is at the warning level.


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