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Overview: 3-band Digital Audio Processor and Digital Stereo Encoder

- All in a 1-Unit 19" Chassis
- Full Digital Processing
- Digital 3 Band Audio Processing
- Digital Stereo Generator
- Digital Dynamic RDS
- Digital Input AES/EBU
- Instantaneous preset recall
- Serial RS232 Ports
- PC Control software via LAN 
- Easy Installation


The JupiterXD is a 3 band digital processor with 30 pre-programmed equalization curves. It is extremely user-friendly, allowing even inexperienced technicians to make sound changes. The Jupiter is directly controllable through the front panel settings or by PC using the serial ports and control software that is supplied as standard. The Jupiter features two independent serial ports uncoupled by opto-isolators. This assures maximum immunity from other equipment noise. Standard is a digital stereo generator MPX.

Jupiter’s digital input (optional) can be connected in two ways: through a balanced XLR connector or a standard fiber optic connector. This input supports AES3/EBU, S/PDIF, IEC60958, EIAJCP1201 protocols with 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz sample rate. The digital input does not require any special setting since the Jupiter can recognize the injected digital signal and configure it automatically.

The MPX (composite) stereo generator inside the Jupiter is completely digital, so the MPX signal is obtained through DSP technology. Nicom offers radio stations a top digital technology solution by integrating a digital stereo generator into the audio processor instead of the widely used analog ones. The stereo generator inside the unit increases its performance by directly processing the digital signal and ensuring perfect modulation control, while an external analog stereo generator, inserted in the chain, would adversely affect the original sound signal. The top performance of the stereo generator inside the Jupiter makes it one of the best on the market at this time.

The Jupiter features a digital RDS and RBDS modulator, as an option, which ensures very high performance--especially compared to analog RDS generators now available on the market. The available services are listed in the technical specifications. Nicom offers the Jupiter, presenting to radio stations an all digital audio chain and the purity of digital sound.

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