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Overview: Triple Cell FM Bandpass Cavities

The cavities of the TFBP series are triple cavities in high "Q" quarter wave designed to reduce intermodulation among various frequencies and to eliminate spurious emissions from the transmitting unit. They are installed between the final amplifier and antenna and tuned at the factory on the working frequency. They are also suited for coupling in order to obtain diplexers for various power levels.



Frequency range                                     87.5 - 108 MHz

Bandwidth (-3dB)                                    800 KHz typical

Impedance                                              50 Ohms

Connectors                                              TFBP1000: N type/ 7/16DIN  TFBP3000: 7/8 or 7/16DIN        FBP5000: 7/8 1+5/8

Power rating                                            TFBP1000: 1000 W                 TFBP3000: 3000 W                     TFBP5000: 5000 W

VSWR                                                        1.1:1 typical

Insertion loss                                           TFBP1000: 0.5 dB                   TFBP3000: 0.5 dB                       TFBP5000: 0.4 dB

Materials                                                  external parts: aluminum                     internal parts: silver plated copper

Color                                                         black

Weight                                                      TFBP1000: 42 Lbs (19 kg)  TFBP 3000: 60 Lbs (27 kg)    TFBP 5000: 86 Lbs (39 kg)

Temperature range                                 20° to 120°F (-8° to 50°C)

Dimensions                                              TFBP1000             49"×15"×8"  (125×40×20 cm)

                                                                  TFBP3000             49"×23"×8"  (125×60×20 cm )

                                                                  TFBP5000             51"×29"×12"(130×73×30 cm )

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