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Frequency Range: 87.5-108 MHz 
RF input power: 15- 20 W max. 
RF Output Power: 2500 W ± 0.5dB 
RF Output Connector/Impedance: “7/8 EIA ” Flange Connector/ 50 ohm 
RF Input Connector/Impedance: "N" Connector/50 ohm 
RF monitor connector: BNC 
RF monitor attenuation: 54 dB 
Harmonic and spurious emission: < -70 dBc ALC 
Output power stability: ± 3% AC Input Power: 220-240 Volts Single Phase 
Power Consumption: 3500 watts from AC 
Overall Dimensions: 19” (483 mm) wide x 7” (117 mm) high x 16” (420 mm ) depth. 
Weight:  45 Lbs (20 Kg) 
Recommended Ambient Temperature : 0° to 30° C (32° to 85° F) 
Maximum Humidity: 90%, non-condensing

Overview: SOLID STATE FM AMPLIFIER 87.5 - 108 MHz Range

* Extremely high efficiency MOSFET technology amplifier.
* High gain PA, typically capable of more than 2500 W output power with less than 20 W drive input power.
* Automatic gain control providing fixed output power even in case of fluctuating drive power.
* High reliability, easy handling and consistent performance standard achieved among the various units due to total absence of tuning requirements.
* Compact size.
* Easily replaceable standard components.
* Advanced recycling overload and protection system.
* Proportional Auto-Foldback of output power in the event of excessive VSWR.
* Full remote control and telemetry capability, with all main parameters on rear terminal connector.

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